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Cintrafil expose son mobilier Urban Park à la biennale internationale du Design à St Etienne

Ellip'street obtains the label de l'observeur du design 2014.

CINTRAFIL - Z.A. de Leygat
6 Avenue de l'industrie - 43190 TENCE - FRANCE
Tel : +33 4 71 59 82 29
Fax : +33 4 71 59 84 18
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Armed with its 40 years of experience and its intensive investment policy, Cintrafil is now recognized as a specialist in forming wire, sheet metal, tubing and steel sections. Its experienced workforce combined with recent and efficient machinery guarantees high quality work.

Our know-how is recognized in all branches of industry: the food industry, textiles, the motor industry, rail, hygiene, optics, safety, construction, POS advertising, fire, furniture, government procurement contracts, etc.